How PrivacyAnt works?
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Data-flow Maps and Process Charts

No matter how complex your Organisation or IT-architecture is, we have created a perfect solution for you to map your Personal Data and processing activities. Just easily drag and drop different objects, such as IT-systems, Servers, Data Subject categories or 3rd parties and connect them together. Request more information from your 3rd parties or collaborate your entire personnel by sending them questionnaires to fill in the details you need.

Asset Inventories

We understand that maintaining up-to-date documentation for your privacy management activities can be a real pain. When you map your processing activities, PrivacyAnt will automatically generate different asset inventories for you, such as IT-system, Vendor and Personal Data inventories. We provide you with a one-stop shop solution for ensuring and demonstrating your compliance.

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Data Transfers

Keeping up with the location of your Personal Data can be a difficult task in the digital age as the ecosystem of service providers keeps growing. Assess your compliance as PrivacyAnt will visualise and list your different data transfers such as cross-border transfers, 3rd party disclosures and accesses to your personal data.

Compliance & DPIA Questionnaires

We believe that GDPR compliance is much more than a tick-box exercise. PrivacyAnt will automatically trigger compliance and DPIA questionnaires for you. The best part is that our questionnaires are fully adjustable to align for your business needs. If you want to automate your privacy management even further, there are 100+ million triggers to choose from to pop up relevant questionnaires when your personnel is conducting Privacy Impact Assessments. We believe that if you want to ensure your compliance with the GDPR, you have to assess your processing activities and assets separately.

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