State-of-the-art privacy management

Features to support you in every stage of your privacy program

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The best way to maintain your compliance

Collaborate across departments to reach your privacy targets

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Create projects and define the full life- cycle of your personal data, collaboratively with your staff and third parties

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Privacy assessments


Effectively assess and understand your privacy impacts. Smart suggestions help you focus on identifying and mitigating risks. Assign tasks to get your project to the wanted compliance level.

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Vendor management


Manage all your third parties in one place. Know what contracts you have and mitigate all your risks. Define all processing activities for each third party.

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Reporting & documentation


Provide complete, high-quality reports to authorities within seconds. Turn the nightmare-letter into a success showcase.

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Staff training


Train your staff to understand the impliciations of privacy compliance. Use our content library or upload your own training material.

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“PrivacyAnt software can also be used for other purposes like information security assessments”

Vesa Puustinen - IT manager, Laakkonen

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